cremation jewelryCremation jewelry is the perfect way to keep the ashes of a loved one close to your heart. Every time you touch your pendant or someone compliments you on it, you’ll feel the presence of your loved one there in that moment.

Every piece of glass cremation jewelry is created with respect and caring presence by glass artist Mark Hamilton. High strength borosilicate glass is used in the creation of all pendants for superior durability. With care, these one-of-a-kind glass cremation pendants will become heirlooms to be passed down for generations to come.

The round cremation pendants have a flat back that lays nicely and feels good against your skin. The front of these pendants is rounded in a convex “lens” shape that magnifies the ashes inside and gathers light into the pendant.

All glass cremation jewelry is hypo-allergenic and comes with an elegant black satin cord. These cremation pendants also look beautiful on a fine Italian sterling silver snake chain.


Cremation jewelry is the perfect way to keep the ashes of a loved one close to your heart.



Mark 1st off thank you so much for the beautiful pendant. Mom will now be able to be with me at all times from now on. I can’t thank you enough for the fantastic work you provide for people that have lost loved ones. This is just what I was looking for and I truly think is the best way to honor such a great person that has passed.

Thank you again you are a fantastic, wonderful, artistic kind person. Thank you for treating my mothers remains with dignity. The rest of the remains in the blue jar and silk bag blew me away very great!

Justin Leonard