The passing of a family member or friend is one of the hardest experiences we can face. The healing process can take quite a while and an important part of that process is being able to feel our loved one’s continued presence in our lives.

Glass cremation jewelry is an elegant and artistic ways to ground that feeling with a physical object. Wearing something that contains the ashes of your loved one brings them quite literally close to your heart and reminds you of their presence. Every time you put your pendant on, see it in the mirror, or receive a compliment on it you’ll be reminded of your loved one’s continuing presence with you.


Ashes and glass fuse in a dance of old and new, emerging as a beautiful piece of glass art.



Cremation jewelry, glass cremation jewelry, pet cremation jewelryWhat Makes Psyche Cremation Jewelry Unique?

There are many factory produced cremation jewelry pieces on the market and many of them are quite attractive, but that option has always left me feeling a little cold. The objects I value the most are beautiful, handcrafted items created with intention by artisans who love what they do. When I want something special, I look for something unique and hand crafted…not something produced by a machine.


All the cremation jewelry on this site is handcrafted by myself, an individual artisan in the USA, and is strikingly different from anything you might have seen before. This is because the ashes of your loved one are actually transformed into the focal design of the pendant…they become part of the art! I carefully encase the cremains in molten glass and use them to form different designs inside the pendant. The clear glass shows the ashes off beautifully and allows the light to play off the hundreds of tiny CO2 gas bubbles the ashes create as they are absorbed into the glass. The size and patterns of the bubbles can’t be controlled but happen organically as the glass and ashes mix and fuse together in different ways. For this reason, no two pieces of cremation jewelry will ever be alike.



Cremation jewelry, glass cremation jewelry, pet cremation jewelryHow Will The Cremains Be Handled?

When you commission me to make your cremation jewelry, I promise that I’ll handle the ashes of your loved one with the same care and respect I’d have for my own. Along with the ashes, I’ll request a photo that you feel really captures their essential nature. I also welcome anything you want to tell me about your loved one that would help me know them better. Before I create a pendant, I’ll take a moment to look at the photo you send and recall what you’ve told me about them. From this space, I’ll create a special custom piece of cremation jewelry for you and anyone else who wishes to remember them and keep them close to their hearts.



Ash collection kit for cremation jewelryHow To Order

Many of my customers have only just recently lost a loved one so I try to make the ordering process as fast and easy as possible. To start things rolling, just select the cremation jewelry you’d like and place your order. When I receive your order, I’ll send you a kit with a small glass jar you can fill with ashes. Use the included scoop to measure out one spoonful for each piece you ordered and drop the jar in the included postage paid mailer. In about 2-4 weeks I’ll mail your finished pieces of cremation jewelry and send you a tracking number so you can be watching for them. There are no extra costs and shipping is free within the USA.


If you have any questions before you place your order please feel free to contact me. I look forward to creating some beautiful memorial pendants with you.


Dear Mark, after my brother and one of his sons were killed, 3 weeks later my father died also. When I was “surfing” to find some jewelry pieces for their ashes, I just couldn’t find anything that seemed to “fit.” I come from a family of handcrafters and artists so when I somehow came across your web site, I knew I found the place.

As I read what you wrote on your website about the process in creating the pieces, then most importantly you asked to have a photo sent, along with a story about our loved ones so you could think of them while you created the piece, I could barely get through reading it without choking up and crying. I knew you were the one.

Your pieces are so amazing! They are MUCH more than I anticipated. Not only are they gorgeous, but the clarity and FEEL is so right. It was as if you knew we would be touching and holding these pieces forever. Thank you again for making these pieces and thank you most of all for bringing some compassion to something that is very personal to us! I will continue to show off the pieces to everyone I can!!!

~ Leesa Kaiser