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Losing an animal companion can sometimes be just as difficult as losing a human family member. Pet cremation jewelry is becoming increasingly popular as a way to keep our pet’s memory near, because sometimes the traditional urn on the shelf feels too cold and distant.

Glass pet cremation jewelry is a unique way to remember a pet who loved to live life and explore their world. Rather than gathering dust on a shelf, your pet’s ashes are melted into hot glass and transformed into a beautiful piece of art. Now they can explore the world with you, encased in a unique glass pet memorial.

Rather than gathering dust on a shelf, your pet’s ashes are melted into hot glass and transformed into a beautiful piece of art.


Talk About Your Pet

Wearing your ash pet memorial is not only a way to keep your pet’s memory with you wherever you go…it’s also a great conversation starter. Many people report frequent compliments on their cremation jewelry. They enjoy being asked about their memorial because it creates an opportunity to remember their pet with another person. I know from experience how healing it can be to talk about a deceased pet and am honored to be a part of creating opportunities for others to talk about the pets they lost too.

Spiral Galaxy Cremation Pendant


Share Your Pet’s Ashes


Many pets were loved deeply by friends and family…not just “their person”. Pet cremation jewelry allows a small amount of a pet’s ash to be transformed into multiple memorials and shared with others who cared for your pet.

How To Order


If you’ve only recently lost a pet, the last thing you need is a complicated ordering process to go through. I do my very best to keep things simple. All you need to do is order the items you’d like and check out. Within about a week (for USA orders), you’ll receive a package from me with a kit you can use to send me your pet’s ashes. Included in the kit is a small glass jar, a measuring scoop, and a prepaid return mailer. All you need to do is put a 1gm (1/4 tsp) measured scoop of ashes into the jar for each memorial you order and put the jar in the prepaid envelope. It’s quick and easy and once I receive your envelope, I’ll have your memorials made and shipped within about 2-4 weeks. 

Thank You


I want to express how grateful I am to those who entrust me with their loved pet’s cremains. I understand my responsibility to care for their ashes as if they belonged to my own pet and I promise to create a beautiful piece of pet cremation jewelry that you can wear with pride. Thanks for considering me as your artist and let me know if you have any questions.


Spiral Galaxy Cremation Pendant Review by Robin Rogers

Not sure why it entered my mind today to send you a message, but I wanted you to know how special the cremation pendant you made for me is. My beloved cat Olivia died on October 4, 2009 and you made the pendant for me shortly after that.

I don’t even know how to describe the reactions I get to it. From anyone’s perspective, it appears to be just a simple glass pendant. But people comment on it CONSTANTLY. I am not kidding. In the bank, in stores, etc. The person who asks is almost always someone who needs to talk about their pet they have lost. I am not new age-ish at all, but it is like it has an energy that reaches out to those who need it.

My mother and I travel together a lot, and she is actually weary of people commenting on it and my talking to them (she says “I know this story and walks away!), but even she concedes that God is putting me in the right place at the right time for people to notice it that need to talk. It frequently leads to a “dead cat/dog cry-fest” ? but is cathartic for both me and the person who asked about my necklace.

So, I just wanted you to know how much it means to me. It is my most cherished possession and I wear it almost daily. Thank you for creating these wonderful works of art and emotion.

Robin Rogers

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