September 8th was National Pet Memorial Day and I spent the afternoon at my favorite coffee shop with my good friend who has over a decade experience as an executive director and active fundraiser for animal rescues. Our conversation drifted to ways we could provide more funding for all of these amazing organizations and she asked me if there was a way I could connect to these organizations and offer a donation for each piece of pet cremation jewelry I made. I’ve always wanted to give more to animal rescues so when she mentioned her idea I absolutely loved it. After working out some details together, I spent the last few days creating a new page on my website to make this happen.

I want to share with you my new page about this Animal Rescue Donation Program and ask your assistance in helping me to connect and spread the word about this opportunity for your favorite rescues to start receiving regular donations.

You can help by sharing this post with any animal rescues you know or you can contact me directly if you have an animal rescue that you work with that would like to receive donations from me. Thank you so much!



I needed to tell you that I got my piece today and I am so very happy. You captured the eternal and special love my father and I shared. I was completely at a loss as to how to honor a man that had meant more than words can describe and then I found this site and your work.

When I received the piece it was incredible. the glass warmed in my hand and I couldn’t stop looking at it. I truly felt close to my Papa and can’t thank you enough for the peace that that brings me.

Teena Miller

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