Animal Rescue Donation Program

As the owner/artist of Psyche Cremation Jewelry, the health and safety of animals has always been very important to me. I do my best to reduce the suffering and increase the happiness of animals in any way I can. Over the years I’ve rescued many animals and taken them into my home as companions and I donate to animal rescue organizations as I am able. But there are just so many animals who need help and so many of the organizations that rescue animals are in need of more donations to help with their mission.

This is why I created the Animal Rescue Donation Program. Through this program, animal rescue organizations can sign up and receive a special link to place on their websites, in their newsletters, and in social media shares.

Whenever someone uses this special link to purchase pet cremation jewelry on this website, the referring animal rescue organization will receive 15% of the total as a donation.

This is a great way for animal rescues to receive an ongoing stream of regular donations to support their work.

If you work with an animal rescue organization and would like to participate in this program, you may sign up here. If you know of an organization who rescues animals, I invite you to share this page with them so that they can sign up and start receiving regular donations to support their work.

Thank you so much for your concern about the welfare of our animal friends. Together we can make a significant difference in many of their lives!

Mark Hamilton
Psyche Cremation Jewelry


What a spectacular piece of incredible jewelry you made with my Mom’s cremains! Any of your pictures do not even begin to reflect what beauty this piece has about it. After receiving it in the mail, I had to just sit once unwrapping it and just admire it-the feelings that ran through me were almost surreal in nature. The best I can even put into words-is that it gives me peace…that simple!

Your care and time-plus your professionalism-is very evident from how awe inspiring a piece I have. It is always close to my heart & gives me closure. I hope that anyone who has the desire to have this done, does so with you!! You did not disappoint!!

Susan Sheldon

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