Can you put hair/bone/teeth/etc. into glass cremation jewelry?

Unfortunately, no. Materials such as hair, bone, and teeth would immediately incinerate if I tried to melt them into glass on my 2,000*+ torch. The only reason I’m able to encase cremation ashes in hot glass is because the ashes have already been reduced to their basic elements in the crematory.

Can you make me a custom designed cremation pendant?

The glass cremation memorials featured on this website have been developed through many hours of creative experimentation. The colors, patterns and shapes have been carefully chosen for a variety of reasons including durability and the ability to consistently replicate the design of a piece.

It is sometimes possible to make small changes in a design (like the background color of a pendant). However, any custom design that differs significantly from the designs on my website will probably require too many hours in experimentation and development.

The quality of my work is important to me and I’m not willing to just “give it a try” as some artists do. Since cremation memorials are such important items, I want to be sure that anything I create for you is of the highest quality.

With that in mind, if you’d like me to consider a different background color or combining a couple elements of different designs, I’d be more than glad to do it. It’s important to me that my customers are as happy as possible with an important memorial piece like this and if I think I can do a professional job on your special request I certainly will.


Are the round pendants flat or round on the back?

The round cremation pendants have a flat back that lays nicely against your skin. The front of these pendants is rounded in a convex “lens” shape that slightly magnifies the ashes and design inside and gathers light into the pendant.

Can you add color to the Teardrop Cremation Pendant?

Because of the techniques used to create this drop shape memorial, I’m unfortunately not able to add color to this design.