The Purple Nebula cremation pendant features a beautiful background of variegated purple, blue, and amber hues. The spiraling pattern of the ashes is simple, yet complex in the subtlety of the ash placement within the pendant.

The back of this pendant is coated in an “amber/purple” glass that contains a high concentration of silver. This is what produces the varied purply/blue hues in the piece.

Because much of the color depends on the amount of silver that is burned off while working the piece in the torch, colors, hues and patterns in the background can vary significantly. They are always beautiful and subtle though. The colors and patterns of the ashes that create the spiral pattern will also vary a bit from pendant to pendant.


Purple Nebula Cremation Pendant
Ashes and bubbles swirl together into a purple nebula cloud.

Approximately 3/4″ – 1″ wide - colors may vary
Price: $97.00