order-delayCreating glass cremation memorials is more than a deeply fulfilling occupation for me. I view it as a sacred trust that my customers place in me to create beautiful memorials and send them in a timely manner. Because of this, I take my job very seriously and it takes a whole lot to keep me out of my glass shop making memorials every day.

Once or twice a year though, something unexpected seems to happen that prevents me from delivering completed memorials in the 2-4 week time frame I strive so hard to achieve.


This is extremely stressful for me when it happens. Not only is there something big in my life that prevents me from working in my glass shop…it also means that my customers must wait longer than they anticipated for their completed memorials. That really bothers me and is particularly frustrating because there’s nothing I can do about it.

Sometimes this “something unexpected” can be a huge influx of orders because of some good press that Psyche Cremation Jewelry has received. Sometimes it can be a family or personal health issue. Regardless of the reason, the effects are the same. My customers experience a longer waiting time.

At times like this I wish I could clone myself or at least teach someone else to do what I do so I could complete orders faster. Unfortunately, 16 years of experience with glass blowing cannot be taught quickly. It must be slowly developed over years of practice. In the end, I am just one man doing my very best to create and mail completed memorials no later than 4 weeks after I receive the ashes.

A few weeks ago, one of these unexpected events happened in the form of a family health emergency. I went to be with them, expecting it would take less than a week of my time. As it turned out, I ended up catching a robust variant of the flu that kept me mostly on my back for the better part of 2 weeks. Today I’m finally up and around, though not yet feeling capable of doing high quality glass work.

During these last few weeks I’ve been trying my best to keep up with customer ¬†questions and order status inquiries, but have fallen behind a bit. If you haven’t received a response to your inquiry as quickly as you hoped or the delay has negatively impacted you, please accept my sincerest apologies. Please also be assured that your order is very important to me and that I will do everything I can to work hard and create your memorials as soon as I can in the order I received ashes.

I respectfully ask for your patience and understanding in this and promise I will send you an update email the moment your memorials are on their way to you.